Company profile

Hunan RuiN Trading limited company was founded in 2010, is a professional engaged in steel structure building, steel structure warehouse, steel structure, steel structure office building, such as product design and processing of the import and export trading company.

Corporate culture

  • People oriented, innovative technologyThe core of the corporate culture reflects the people's wisdom, constitute the enterprise employment system and talent development strategy.
  • Work flowBusiness negotiation→Project evaluation→Ngineering design→Manufacturing
    →Ransportation→Professional construction→Project management→Client Review→After sales service



rength and business growth
To the design, construction of the project is difficult to continue to challenge, to energy conservation, environmental protection and construction continued to extend the direction, to create more quality engineering returns to society.

Engineering demonstration

Company under the processing plant, design firms, engineering and Technology Department, the Department of quality and safety, procurement, finance and other functional departments. Its scope of business: Sales of construction steel structure, activity board room, prefabricated units, and other installation, building materials, mechanical equipment, hardware electronics sales.

Company's business involves public buildings, industrial plants, logistics warehouses, high-rise buildings, commercial real estate, curtain wall decoration and other types of construction projects